Monday, 29 October 2012

Update Samsung GT-I5500 from CyanogenMod 7.2 to 9 (android 4.0)

In a previous post I explained how to update your phone to to 2.3. Now you can update it to 4.0 (CyanogenMod 9) !!!!
Supposing you completed the prev steps in this post and you have Cyanogen 7.2 (or later) you will need this file: Cyanogen9 (link on megaupload)
After downloading it redo step 7 from the previous post and instead "update-cm-7.2.0-RC0-galaxy5-v1.9-MADTEAM-signed" use the zip downloaded. Just to keep it simple I will re-write the instructions:

Now we move on to installing packages. Go to "Mount and storage", then "Mount USB Storage". Copy files "cm-10-20121024-MADTEAM-galaxy5" (the file downloaded earlyer) to the removable disk (SD card of the phone). We expect to complete the process successfully and give "Unmount USB Storage" in the CWM phone. Back to main menu using the key back. Navigate to the "Install zip from SD card" -> "Chose zip from SD card". Select "cm-10-20121024-MADTEAM-galaxy5", followed by Yes.

Give "Reboot System"

If you have problems with gMarket redo step 9.In order to copy files to the phone you need to do step 5.If this is to trivial please leave a message and I will post the complete guid on how to do this without references.

If this post helped you in any way don't be shay and treat me to a bear, what do you say?

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Class not registered Windows 7 error

Some time ago I had a lot of problems with my Windows 7 that I could not find a solution to. Some of them were:

- opening a folder from uTorrent ('Class not registered')
- opening Network and Shering (dosen't open)
- opening System window (same)
- opening most of my Control Panel windows

I found a lot of solution that didn't work for me, but the only that did was on google chrome's bug tracker in this post, response #9.

The solution just repairs all the dll's on c: drive, if you have Windows installed on a difrent partition just change C: to whatever letter is your windows partition.

I recommend reading the post before running the command just know the risks and what to expect.

FOR /R C:\ %G IN (*.dll) DO "%systemroot%\system32\regsvr32.exe" /s "%G" 

Saturday, 27 October 2012

How to root Samsung Galaxy i9100 S2

Galaxy S2 is one of the real success of Samsung's leading devices based on the Android platform. And how it is a very powerful phone that has sold so fast, the hackers did not spent much thought and have root-ed it. There are 2 tutorials on rooting , I will write the easiest for beginners. So let's start.

  1. Download Odin and extract the files from the archive, saving them on your computer
  2. Download XWKDD but not extract any files from it
  3. Download SuperOneClick
  4. Download Samsung Kies and install you phone drivers
  5. After you install the Samsung Kies restart PC
  6. Put your phone in USB debugging mode. Go to Settings, Applications, Development and start USB Debugging
  7. Turn off the phone and turn it back on holding the power, home and volume down buttons
  8. Start Odin and connect your phone to the PC with a USB cable
  9. Wait until Odin will recognize your phone and shows it is connected. On Odin window, except "F.Reset Time" and "Auto Rebot", NO other option should be checked 
  10. Press PDA and select the file that you downloaded at step 2 and press Start
  11. Odin will start flash-ing the kernel. When you are finished, your phone will automatically restart
  12. After the phone will reset start SuperOneClick, click root, the phone will root,  restart the phone and you're done.

MOD PS3 without a special usb stick (CFW)

Now you can mod a PS3 without those special sticks. Mod-ing is done with a soft via CFW, that means you don't lose the guarantee. It should be noted that you will lose access to PSN. Attention mod-ing process involves many risks (in the sense that if you do it wrong you might have problems), if you don't have some experience or are unsure better to go to someone who is specialized. For those who are not afraid, not shaking hands on the controller and have some experience here you have a tutorial on how you can mod the console without any problem.

 First you need firmware version 3.55. Make updates to this version, if there will be requests a tutorial will be made for this. There has long been some CFW's of some hackers. You must delete these CFW's by Recovery Mode. You need the original firmware 3.55 from Sony (get it here) and put the console into Recovery Mode. Make Restore PS3 System and you will install the original firmware 3.55.

Once you have the original Sony 3.55 firmware we can get to work. Let's start.

  1. You need a USB stick or an external hard drive formatted (using this tutorial) in FAT32 format
  2. Download PS3UPDAT.PUP from here (beware, this file is already patched to version CFW kmeaw, it's not an original Sony firmware)
  3. Connect the USB stick or portable hard drive to the computer and create a folder PS3 and inside another folder UPDATE (in capitals!!!)
  4. Copy the files downloaded at point 2 in the UPDATE folder that you just created
  5. Enter console in Recovery Mode. When the console is in Recovery Mode select the System Update option, connect the stick with the files you downloaded in step 2 in the console and the console will switch to CFW 3.55 kmeaw (most stable at the moment) after following instructions on the screen (you must accept ToS and confirm installation)
  6. When everything is over your console is modded. Instal your managers (I recommend multiMAN or Gaia - latest version - Multimania here and Gaia here) and BDEMU2 here
  7. You can copy the games on a external hdd from Windows or transfer it to the PS via network
  8. If you have problems with playing games, boot the game from multiMAN with Select + X, select Fix Permissions, install and run lv2patcher and select the option SysCall , install Fix Permissions and run the small program that sets chmod 0777 programel to every file / folder on the system and fixes permissions / attributes of those files
  9. If you want to play FullHD movies (and not only) on your console I recomand using Showtime, and as an alternative have PS3 Media Server

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Creating a module and a db in The Bug Genie 3.2

The current documentation is outdated so I tryed to make short note on how to do this.

ATM using cli will generate some errors, here is how to solve them.

In order to create a module from cli you need to do something like this from the console:

php -f tbg_cli create_module MODULE_NAME

this will generate some errors like:

  • Declaration of MODULE_NAME::_initialize() must be compatible with that of TBGModule::_initialize()
- this can be fixed by removing the parameter from _initialize in your class file (class/MODULE_NAME.class.php)
- also be sure to remove the setters in the init function, they are also depreciated
  • Anotation @Table missing
- just add this before the class definition in your class file
 * @Table(name="TBGModulesTable")

In order to be able to create tables you need to create (if it dose not exist) a folder named B2DB in your class folder and include the table definition there as a class.php file like so:

  + B2DB
     - MyTable.class.php

MyTable.class.php :

use b2db\Core,

     * @Table(name="my_table_name")
    class MyTable extends TBGB2DBTable{
        const B2DB_TABLE_VERSION = 1;
        const B2DBNAME = 'my_table_name';
        const ID = '';
        const TEXT = 'my_table_name.a_text_field';
        const SCOPE = 'my_table_name.a_relate_field_to_scopes';

        protected function _initialize()
            parent::_setup(self::B2DBNAME, self::ID);
            parent::_addForeignKeyColumn(self::SCOPE, TBGScopesTable::getTable(), TBGScopesTable::ID);

all the methods to add text,varchar,int, etc can be found in class Table (core/B2DB/Table.class.php)

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


ATM Thebuggenie documentation is very low on details so I will post here a list of events I found in the source files of v 3.2

'core', 'rolepermissionsedit', $role
'core', 'setting_returnfromlogin'
'core', 'setting_returnfromlogout'
'core', 'project_sidebar_links_dashboard'
'core', 'project_sidebar_links_releases'
'core', 'project_sidebar_links_milestone'
'core', 'project_sidebar_links_roadmap'
'core', 'project_sidebar_links_team'
'core', 'project_sidebar_links_statistics'
'core', 'project_sidebar_links_timeline'
'core', 'config_project_tabs'
'core', 'project_dashboard_top'
'core', 'project_dashboard_bottom'
'core', 'project_header_buttons'
'core', 'project/projectinfo', $project
'core', 'config_project_panes'
'core', 'project_overview_item_links'
'publish', 'fixture_article_loaded'
'vcs_integration', 'new_commit'
'core', 'quicksearch_dropdown_firstitems'
'core', 'quicksearch_dropdown_founditems'
'core', 'reportissue.prefile'
'core', 'reportissue.listfields'